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Growth vs Fixed Mindset

There are more and more articles coming out about how a “Growth Mindset” is key to improving, no matter what age you are. And rightly so, it’s the mindset I guide my clients towards to help them continue improving once they’ve left my care. If you’re yet to come across […]

Thoughts Like Lightning Bolts

I’m going through a period of fairly intense (for me) personal realisation and change at the moment, mostly connected with things that have been brought up and changed as part of the course I’m on where we practise the techniques on each other. I’ll do another blog post detailing some […]

A Journey

This site has become part of a journey. A journey where I’m not entirely sure of the direction nor the destination, or even if there is a destination.   I have always loved science. I love the learning, I love the “Why” and “How”. I love understanding how things work. […]