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Thoughts Like Lightning Bolts

I’m going through a period of fairly intense (for me) personal realisation and change at the moment, mostly connected with things that have been brought up and changed as part of the course I’m on where we practise the techniques on each other. I’ll do another blog post detailing some […]

My quest with Quest

So the newest journey I’m on is a course in Cognitive Hypnotherapy with The Quest Institute. For those that don’t know what Cognitive Hypnotherapy is (it’s distinctly different from traditional hypnotherapy) there’s a short introduction on the page I’ve created here.   I’ve attended weekend one of ten so far […]

A Journey

This site has become part of a journey. A journey where I’m not entirely sure of the direction nor the destination, or even if there is a destination.   I have always loved science. I love the learning, I love the “Why” and “How”. I love understanding how things work. […]