So how does Anger fit into mental health, isn’t it a fairly normal reaction to things?

Remember how, in yesterday’s post, I talked about the “fight, flight or freeze” response? Anger is part of the “fight” reaction. If you were confronted by that ancient sabre-tooth tiger, your response my have been to try and fight it. In modern society, physically fighting against something that scares you is less acceptable. It would not be a good idea to get into a fist-fight with a colleague just because they asked you to do a presentation!

So the anger manifests in different ways, usually verbal – shouting, arguments or nasty comments and the like. And just like you can’t make a rational argument as to why the reason for anxiety is ridiculous, ┬áit’s the same here. Your brain shuts down everything that isn’t vital for survival and, although you can have a pretty ferocious slanging match with someone, the words will be fairly simple and the reasoning will be shaky.


But there’s more to it…

Anger is quite a complex emotion and it often masks other emotions that are related but a bit more subtle. An excellent illustration of this is the “Anger Iceberg” picture. You see Anger on the surface, but underneath it can be a huge range of different emotions. Going back to the example of doing a presentation, you could be:

  • Uncomfortable because you don’t know the topic well
  • Scared that you won’t do a good presentation
  • Unsure about your audience
  • Pressured that this is another thing on top of all the other work you’re doing

And that’s OK! It’s a pretty normal reaction to being suddenly asked to do a presentation. Even the people around you that seem to be good at doing them will have those sorts of thoughts going through their heads. The difference is that they have learnt to cope with them.


So how can Hypnotherapy help?

You might think that hypnotherapy would be used to tell you to “be less angry”, but that wouldn’t work very well. Remember how you go into survival mode and can’t help your reaction? And I’m sure you know just how ineffective being told to “calm down” is!

Hypnotherapy can be used to target the issue in a variety of ways. Depending on how you describe when it happens and why, it could be useful to work on trigger issues, so that they are less likely to set you off. It could also help to build self-confidence and self-esteem so you feel better about your own abilities. It can even be used to create a special state where you can draw on all the resources you have available when you have been successful in something, and use them to help you when you go into the situations when you’re less certain. If you would like to know more, please contact me.

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