What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a branch of hypnotherapy that, as well as Hypnosis, also incorporates techniques from other therapies such as NLP, cognitive therapies such as CBT, Positive Psychology and more. Founded and taught by Trevor Silvester, The Quest Institute is training more and more people in this broad and flexible approach to therapy. It’s a tailored approach that treats everyone as an individual not just another person with a label, whether that label is “phobia”, “smoker”, “depressed” or anything else. Indeed often the actual issue can have quite a different source from that which might be expected, and Quest therapists treat the source of the problem, not the result of it. The following video by Trevor gives a brief explanation of it:



We believe that trance is not a special state that you are “put into”, but rather a natural state that everyone drifts in and out of multiple times each day. It’s basically a state where your unconscious mind is more in control of your actions than your conscious mind. This can be natural functions like breathing or blinking, up to things that you have learned, that have become so familiar that they have become automatic too, like driving a car. More importantly, this also includes many elements of the problems so many of us have throughout life. Our aim is to help you recognise these unhelpful trances and create better ones.


You don’t take a back seat and get told what to do, you are fully involved in everything that goes on. The therapist is mainly a guide to “de-hypnotising” you from old habits and helping you access the tools and resources you need to improve your life for good. Think of the therapist as like a satnav – we can tell you how to reach your goal, but you can choose whether to follow our instructions. The good thing is, with Quest Trained therapists, we have a toolkit which means that any time you hit a “road closed” sign, we can plan a new route for you! But, most importantly, you are the only one that has a lifetime of experience as you, and how you experience your problem, so your opinions and view of the world are taken into account as far as possible on every step of your journey.


In Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we not only listen carefully to what your problem is, but we also work with you to determine your “solution state” – how you want to be or feel instead. So, if you came to work on Anxiety, we wouldn’t just have “not feel anxious any more” as the end point. Instead we would work together to find something positive to fill the space left behind by anxious no longer being there. This approach leads to much more effective therapy as we’re already putting positive things in place by time we finish, setting you up with a good foundation for the future. In fact, recently published research shows that Cognitive Hypnotherapy has a significantly higher success rate (71%) for depression and anxiety than other, established approaches such as CBT (averaging 42%).


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So, if you’re ready to take the first step in changing your life for the better, please get in touch!