A Journey

This site has become part of a journey. A journey where I’m not entirely sure of the direction nor the destination, or even if there is a destination.


I have always loved science. I love the learning, I love the “Why” and “How”. I love understanding how things work. Some people find that knowing how something is done takes away part of the magic, caused by the mystery of something. I find the opposite. I marvel at how such a thing is possible. Knowing the “how” and the “why” increases my appreciation for something, whether that’s from how complex something seemingly simple is or how simple something seemingly complex is, it doesn’t matter, it’s all amazing.


However, there are still things that science can’t, or is only just beginning to, explain. It’s these things that have started to become a greater part of my personal journey. How can a pattern of lines or colours make someone smile? How is it that a few lines of music can cause one person to relax whilst another tenses up? Why can something as simple as a touch of a hand on an arm have such a profound effect both physically and emotionally? How can a simple sentence change someone’s world? How can I learn more about these things and use them to help myself and others?


These are all things that aren’t as easy to define, that aren’t as simple as “A causes B” because different people react in different ways. This leads to a new question: “What?”. What is it that causes these effects, is it the source (the item) or the observer (the person) or is it a bit of both? It’s not some thing you can really find out by reading or listening to what other people have done, although those will always remain valuable tools for different perspectives. It’s something that has to be experienced; to be done hands-on.


And, starting with patterns of lines and colours, that’s the path I’m beginning to explore.


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